Labor Day Fleet Feet 5K – 1997

September 1, 1997

By September, I was running 10 miles every Saturday with GVH, and also doing their Tuesday night workouts.  I was trying to work myself from being the slowest person doing the Tempo runs, to a middle of the packer.

One thing that the club did was place you in a group based upon your 10K finishing time, and that somewhat dictated what type of workout you did.  This was important because if everyone did the same workout, the fastest and slowest would not be equally served.  Best of all, everyone usually finished the workout around the same time, as the fastest would do more repeats or go longer.

The fastest of the groups were the Super Snakes (10K time around 35:00), and the slowest group was called the Wolves or something (10K over 50:00).  I generally ran with the next fastest group (because there usually weren’t any people from the slowest group) called the Tule Elks (10K 44:00 – 50:00).

One of the special races for GVH was the Labor Day 5K, which was put on by the club and benefited the Davis High School Cross Country team.  It was a great chance to run a flat, fast course and see where you were at for the beginning of the Fall Season.

I don’t remember much about the particular course, except that towards the end, a particularly rotund man was ahead of me, and I didn’t want to let him come in ahead of me (he did).  The lesson learned was that you have to run your own race and not worry about what other people are doing.

I made a major improvement on my 5K (though I had only RUN a few), coming in at 22:36 (about a 6 minute PR).  The tempo running really worked!


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