Tri 4 Fun – 1997

August 1997

In an effort to get on our goal of an Ironman Triathlon, Kevin suggested that we try a shorter distance triathlon to see how it would go.  There was a series in Livermore called “Tri 4 Fun,” which had a 300m lake swim, an 8-mile bike ride, and a 3-mile cross country run.  If you struggled on the swim, you could be rescued, and still finish the race (because the idea was to try it and not to win it).

I had swum on a swim team as a young child (age 5-7, maybe), so swimming wasn’t going to be a problem… except for the fact that I have to kick quite hard to get my feet above the surface of the water.  I swam breaststroke instead, and ended up one of the last people to get on my bike (since a number of people stepped into the water, stepped out, and got on their bikes).  Again, I was towards the back (and they even started picking up cones before I got to them!).  I was much better on the run, and did catch up to some people (so that I didn’t come in last).

I came to the conclusion that most triathletes are best at biking, but not usually that great at swimming or running.  Kevin and I would “tri” some more Tri 4 Fun races, and later a “Tri 4 Real.”


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