Aggie Invitational 5M – 1997

October 4, 1997

Several people from GVH were participating in the Aggie Invitational.  The name of the race seems like a misnomer to me, since I don’t think that they would be inviting the likes of me to participate in their run.  The Aggie Invitational had two races, one for men and one for women.  A lot of the men in the men’s race were college guys… who made the college team.  I was a 26-year old, fairly new, really tall runner, who had never broken 8:00-minute miles in a race; the winner was probably going under 5 minutes a mile.

I tried to keep at least some runners in sight, but most people had consistent speed on me.  I wanted at least to run a similar pace to my last 10K (around 8:20/mile), and also not finish last.  (Note:  Finishing last is no great sin, but sometimes it makes you feel cruddy.)

In the last stretch of the race, I noted that there was one runner ahead of me who had not yet finished.  I was pretty wiped, but I thought, ‘I’m going to use my long legs to my advantage and outkick this guy.’  I beat him by less than one second, and came in… second to last.

Also, I reached my goal of doing no worse than my last 10K pace; I finished in 39:26, in 7:53 pace.


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