AMSA 10K – 1998

April 11, 1998

My mileage during the week continues to increase and in the first week in April, I ran over 50 miles in one week!  That’s like almost 2 marathons-worth in one week.

Several of my GVH friends were running a local Davis race that benefits AMSA (Association of Medical Students A…malgamated?).  They also had a health fair associated with the race.  I had my body fat measured, and had a similar expectation to what I experienced in 1997 – a number similar to 10%.  Got a terrible surprise – told me my percentage was 19%.  They used the caliper method, and they pinched the fattest part of my stomach, my hips, and my buttocks.  Then they tried to tell me that since I was 19% fat, that translates to 38 pounds of fat, and 162 pounds of lean muscle (how could Medical Students forget about bones and internal organs?).

I decided to gun for a PR, since the race was around the UC Davis Medical School, which is extremely boring and flat (and hopefully fast).  I didn’t stop for any water stations and pulled 21 seconds off of my time – 46:38.


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