Buffalo Chips 4th of July 5M – 1998

July 4, 1998

The Buffalo Chips put on a couple of races a year – the Buffalo Stampede 10M and the 4th of July 5M.  Both races were relatively inexpensive – the Buffalo Stampede was $13 and the 4th of July run was free (and still provided prizes for the top finishers and an official time).

It was an easy decision to go out with some of my buddies on the 4th and run a 5 miler, especially a FREE one.  Running races in Sacramento in the summer is never easy, because it tends to be very hot out.  The hot weather generally lasts from late June through late September, so July 4th is right in the middle of it.  On this run, the weather was mild in the morning, and best to get through the race before it gets too hot.

I pushed the pace to see if I could better my Southside Shuffle time, and finished 12 seconds faster, in 34:33.  My notes to myself for this week were that I overdid it on the running, since San Francisco Marathon is just 8 days away!


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