Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon – 1998

October 18, 1998

I flew up to Sacramento, so that I could carpool with my old GVH team to run Humboldt Half Marathon.  We all stayed together in Garberville and ate again at the homemade pasta restaurant.

My goal for the race was to run 7:30 miles (at least for the first half) and see if I could PR.  i went out WAY too fast (well, 7:16) for the first mile and pushing it too much at the beginning wore on me a bit at the end, but with a mile to go, I knew I would PR (unless I did the last mile in 12 minutes), and I ran 1:40:29, a 4-minute PR from last year (and from my time).

Afterwards, we walked over to the Salt River (right next to the race start/finish) and walked in up to our waists.  No one seemed to have any difficulty with cramps on the drive home.  Guess the cold water method DOES work to reduce inflammation.


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