Rudolf Run 10M – 1998

December 6, 1998

Just a few weeks after my 3 half marathon successes, I thought I would go for a 10 mile PR at the Rudolf Run, especially because I ran a 10-mile (in race) PR at all 3 half marathons.

Ah, but here’s where the “sometimes you can’t plan” comes in…  I didn’t plan to PR in 3 half marathons; the conditions just ended up being really good.  At Rudolf, the weather and the course were both cruddy.  The race was essentially 5.5 miles downhill on grades of 1 to 15%, with some of the road under construction – muddy, gravelly, rocky – and then 4.5 miles of uphill on the same.

I finished in 76:06, about a minute slower than my best (which was run on a flat surface).

Less than a week later, I was in Davis for a visit.  I made a bet with a friend that I could break 70 minutes on the 10-mile Saturday run.  I got to 8 miles in 56:24, with the easy part left, and then I got a ‘cramp.’  I walked in at 83:26. =(

At first, I thought it was a sprain or strain, and later, I went to the doctor and found out I had Plantar Fasciitis (PF), basically a tendon tear that is near impossible to heal.

My year-end goal had been to break 1500 miles running, and I came to complete halt after that cramp, and finished with 1480.7 miles.  1998 ended up being my breakthrough year, but with the PF injury, the PRs I set remained my PRs for several years, because it took quite a while to get back to the shape I was in, especially as I got older.


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