Anaheim Hills 10K – 1999

July 3, 1999

I had the opportunity to run back-to-back races for the 4th of July weekend, so I went up to Anaheim Hills to try their 10K.  I had been getting over a cold, so running hard in a race didn’t exactly help me feel better.  None of my AREC friends were at the race, so I started up conversations with various people at the race, including a nice lady named Aurora (who was married in probably 10 years older than me).

Considering how I felt and the number of hills, I ran 43:15, which was my second fastest 10K ever (!), and the 43:04 in Alameda last year was on a totally flat course.  My foot still hurts, but I am managing the pain better… or in other words, I wouldn’t have run with the kind of pain I’m feeling when I first started running, but I tolerate a lot more now.


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