Great American Adventure Run 2.8M/4.8M – 1999

February 13, 1999

Another week, another race.  This event is the Winter version of the Sunset in the Park (and also during the day, rather than on a Thursday evening).  Todd Rose and I are the only people from AREC who are particpating.  My goal was to run something similar to what I did last year (but maybe slower, accounting for my foot problem).

In the 2.8 mile race, I run 20:33, about 30 seconds slower than last year (but I take 3rd in my division).  In the 4.8 mile race, I run 37:32 – 90 seconds FASTER than last year.  My foot still hurts, but maybe running on it is cushioning it by spreading out the pressure and doing that quickly.

The other explanation is possibly that I managed my pacing better between both races.  By slowing down in the first race (imperceptibly), I had more left for the second half.


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