Hit the Road Jack 10K – 1999

June 6, 1999

I was home for a visit (to the Bay Area), and decided to venture up to Sonoma for a race with Riva.  In warming up for the race, I noted the vast difference between the kind of warm-up that I liked to do and the kind of warm she usually did.

The difference, for me, at least, had to do with how each of us got into running.  Riva started in High school and continued running throughout college, whereas I started running on my own, and did not follow specific race warm-up plans.

I usually did a bunch of stretches – stretching my calves and quads.  Riva, on the other hand, did probably a 7-10 mile warm-up run – hey, we’re only running 6 miles here!

The course was a flat, fast course through the burg of Sonoma.  I ran fairly fast and cramped afterwards.  I was happy with the 44:44 time (one of my top 3 10Ks), so I felt like I had mastered my issue with the plantar fasciitis.  Riva, on the other hand, ran 39:03, good enough for 3rd place (overall for women) and won 10 pounds of Jack cheese.


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