Laguna Classic Trail 10K – 1999

May 2, 1999

Having run a couple of cross country races, and intrigued by them, I decided to venture down to Laguna Beach and try the Laguna Classic Trail 10K.

There are actually 3 available races at this event – the Trail 10K, a street 5K and a street 10K.  Of the three, the Trail run has the most elevation (but all three have a hill to climb).

The race itself was fairly disorganized, and parking was a HUGE mess.  I think I parked 2 miles away!  The staging area was at the “Sawdust Festival.”  Apparently, there is a few week long art festival in the Fall at this location, but the rest of the year, it is the Sawdust Festival grounds, I guess.

The Trail 10K begins uphill and continues uphill on pavement until you reach the trailhead.  Once on the trail, the course continues uphill basically until you reach the turnaround.  It was somewhat slow going on the trail because it was not wide enough to accommodate everyone (and on a trail, there is nowhere else to go!).

I thought once I got to the turnaround, I will be able to accelerate down the hill, but again on parts it was slow going because of bottlenecks.  It was also slow going because I wasn’t running down a straight hill; there were switchback turns.  It was only when I got back down to the road, that I was able to run fast into the finish.  My time:  64:30!

I did my weekly 8 mile Thursday fun run in a faster time!  I vowed that next year I would run the street run, 5K or 10K.  After all, I would have won a medal had I run the 5K.  (Again!)


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