Seal Beach 10K – 1999

April 17, 1999

Decided to try the local Seal Beach 10K.  Course is some of the same course that I run with AREC and TRH, and NOT 2 loops.  Loops get to be unbearable when they are fewer than 5 miles long, because the scenery is not all that exciting.

My Plantar Fasciitis is still bugging me quite a bit, but I am starting to get back to a similar running prowess I achieved before my injury.  It was warm out, but I managed to finish in 45:18.  VERY happy with that time.

I noted, however, that had I run in the 5K, I would have received a medal. =(  My theory is that in races with a 5K and a 10K, the more competitive people will run the 10K, because they don’t want to pay for a sprint when they can do a medium distance run.


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