Summer Solstice 5M – 1999

June 17, 1999

I left work early in order to make this Thursday evening race in El Dorado Park close to my condo in Long Beach.  The traffic was so bad, however, that I barely got to the registration table by 6:00pm (for a 6:00pm start).  I got my bib on and fortunately, the race started 5 minutes late.

The weather was hot and windy (apropos for this time of year – almost on the Summer Solstice), but I maintained pretty even pace through each mile.  As I came around to the final stretch, I saw a guy about 100 yards ahead of me (with about 300 yards to go).  He looked back and gave me a sort of head-shake-blow-off.  I didn’t think I could catch him, but I decided, ‘screw it,’ I will try anyway… and caught him right at the finish line.

The result was a 5 mile PR – 34:22 – though not good enough for placing in my age group.

I’m starting to realize that it doesn’t exactly matter what the conditions are – hot, cold, wet, windy – you can still have a good or bad race, even recovering from an injury.


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