Long Beach 5000 – 1999

August 1, 1999

The Long Beach 5000 is the TRH race that they put on, and is run around the CSU Long Beach campus.  If you have been on or around the campus, it’s not exactly flat and fast.  There is a lower campus and an upper campus, and the LB 5000 runs somewhat in between both of them.

Like the Southside Shuffle, I volunteered to help out at this event AND run in it, so I arrived early, cut up fruit and bagels and then ran the race.

Also, being August, it was quite warm out, but I managed a 20:12.  I probably helped myself by the downhill finish and my long strides.  I placed 5th in my age group, but at this race, they presented plaques 5 deep, so I ended up with an award.

There was some “controversy” at the finish line.  The results were similar to that of Finishline – that is, handing out a numbered index card.  OK, a little less organized, because you had to write your name and age on the card and hand it in.  In some instances, people either didn’t hand in their cards, forgot to hand in their cards, or purposely didn’t hand in their cards.

AS… the awards were being presented, Steve Singer appeared with his card to hand in, which supplanted the 5th place finisher in the M30-39 division… except that the award had already been handed out.  In the end, Steve said he didn’t care THAT MUCH.  That’s why you don’t rely on people to fill out the card themselves.


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