Buffalo Stampede – 1999

September 12, 1999

I went up to Davis for a visit and to run the Buffalo Chips’ Buffalo Stampede 10 miler.  This race was still a relative bargain at $15, which included a nice shirt.  Opposite from my previous race, which was disorganized, the Stampede (also put on by runners) is classy and well-thought out.

Since it is still summer in Sacramento, it was pretty hot out.

I wanted to improve upon my Distance Derby 10 mile time from last month, but I wasn’t going to push it.  My friend Bea set a goal of breaking 70 minutes for the race.  I basically said, “Good luck.  I ain’t doin’ that.”

I ran my first mile in 7:35, and I felt OK.  I could see Bea off in the distance and decided, What the Heck, I want to try and catch her by the end of the race.  This will at least give me something to shoot for and put me close to my Distance Derby time.

At five miles, I was at 35:35, basically averaging 7:00 for miles 2-5.  At mile 6, I caught Bea, who was fading a bit off of her goal pace.  My second five miles I ran in 35:11 (negative split!), finishing in 70:46, a one-minute PR!  Bea also ran a PR, but not the time she had hoped for.

At the award ceremony, I came in 2nd place for Clydesdales (the weight category).  At the Stampede, I believe it was 190 pounds plus, which was just about my exact weight.  I got some questions from the crowd, because the other two placing in my category were more squat than I was.  My award was a nice Buffalo Stampede hat (which I still wear).


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