Los Alamitos Race on the Base 5K/10K – 2000

February 26, 2000

Decided to do another back-to-back at the Los Alamitos 5K/10K.  This is another exciting base run.  I say that somewhat sarcastically, because whenever I have done a run on a base, it is a run through mostly nondescript areas, block housing, and not that exciting view-wise.

Most of the Los Al race is run on the runway, which was even more boring than usual, because there is NO scenery.  Laura and I ran together much of the way in the 5K, and I ditched her at the end.  The most exciting part was Mike Lynn (from TRH) and I trying to outstride each other at the end.  Unfortunately, there were some walkers in the narrow finishing area, and I pulled up so that we wouldn’t trample them. (22:16).

By the time I got to the second race, I didn’t have a whole lot left, and the temperature skyrocketed.  Also, again, because the run is on the runway, there are no trees, no cover of any kind.  (49:49)


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