Sunset in the Park 2.8M/4.8M – 1999

September 2, 1999

Back for my 3rd go-round on this course.  Todd Rose is here, too, and I would love to run the speed that he runs, but I will settle for beating him.  I have a chance, since Todd gave blood today!

In the first race, he is just ahead of me, and beats me by 10 seconds.  But remember, in these back-to-back challenges, it is important to save enough energy to have a successful run in the second half as well.  In the second (longer) race, I best Todd by 61 seconds.

My 20:20 in the first race is about par with how I have done in these events, but not a personal best; however, my 36:03 in the second race is my best by about 2 minutes.  Naturally, since I had previously placed either in one of the two races or in the combined race, I am hoping for an award, but ALL of the good people also show up, and I am shut out. =(


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