The Hills Are Alive 10K – 2000

April 29, 2000

Tim Hickok, Scott Ayres (a FAST AREC guy) and I decided to venture out to the Palos Verdes Peninsula and try this “The Hills Are Alive” race.  None of us had much of an idea of what it was about except very few details read in Raceplace “magazine” (a monthly booklet of race entries and lists of races in Southern California (including San Diego).

It turned out to be run almost exclusively on the Rolling Hills Estates horse trails (most of which paralleled the street).  Running around the PV Peninsula reminds me of home, because in Piedmont (and the Oakland Hills) you can hardly run on a flat surface.  My hometown street was flat, but within a 1/4 mile of my house, everything went uphill or downhill.

On this particular course, even though there were some flat sections, the horse trail that paralleled it often looped up and down also.  I felt OK during the race, even though I had a beer (!) the night before and ate super spicy foods (which usually disagree with me when I run (but don’t disagree with me in general).  I finished in a less-than-impressive 53:26.

Because the race was so small, and we were in a bit of a hurry, we asked if we might claim our medals early… if we won any.  Scott ran 39 minutes and change and claimed 1st place in M20-29.  Tim ran 45:00 and came in 9th (no medal).  Despite being 14 minutes behind Scott, I got second place in the M20-29 (yes, there were only two of us).


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