Fiesta del Sol Triathlon – 2000

May 13, 2000

Tim Hickok invited me to go with him and do the Fiesta del Sol sprint triathlon in Solana Beach (a little north of San Diego).

We started out with an ocean swim, and the surf was exceedingly rough.  I had at least 3 offers of rescue from volunteers on surfboards (too rough to tell them, ‘I am just slow.’).

Once out of the water, volunteers direct me to the transition area.  Only problem, I am pretty blind without my glasses.  Shouting “This Way!” doesn’t help when you cannot see.  “Tell me RIGHT or LEFT, please!”  I finally make it to my bicycle (and put on my glasses).

I am OK on the bicycle ride, though Tim and Scott are already on the run and see my ridiculous form on my bicycle.  I am using my college bike, which is a hybrid (10 speed with mountain bike tires).  It also has a seat extender so that I can extend my legs fully.  However, it does not have a handlebar extension (was told that would mess with the integrity of the bike), so I am hunched over awkwardly, or trying to steer with my fingertips AND sit up straight.

The run is my best part, though I am a little stiff, and I do 3 miles in 22:58.  Later, when I receive photographs in the mail (the era before widespread online photos), there is a great series of my finish… where you can see me off in the distance behind a certain runner, even with that runner, and then well past that runner.  In all three photos, both feet are completely AND several inches off the ground.

I have a fun time, but wonder if I will still live up to my ‘by 40’ goal of completing an Ironman.


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