ThomBob Kayak Run Relay – 2000

July 16, 2000

The second annual Kayak Run Relay has a rule change.  After my beeline to the shoreline, they throw in an additional buoy that has to be rounded before you can finish.  Technically, I could still make a beeline for the shore, but I will have to swim out and around the buoy before I can finish.

My partner of last year is not back (and haven’t seen him since), so I get paired up with my buddy Mike Lynn.  Mike and I have similar finishing speed and he (technically) outkicked me at the end of the Los Alamitos 5K (I deferred, so as not to crash into people.).

I decided to kayak second this year (member 1 kayaks, member 2 runs, member 1 runs, member 2 kayaks) so as to give myself a chance to wrap my hands with duct tape before blistering my hands again.

LIttle side note about duct tape – don’t know if I have mentioned before that certain people will get chafing on their nipples during long runs.  I am one of those people.  I tried all sorts of protection – bandaids (fall off), surgical tape (really hurts when you remove it), running shirtless (everything shakes too much), etc.  I accidentally discovered that duct tape works really well.  It doesn’t readily fall off, and if you sweat enough (and remove it in a timely manner), it doesn’t rip off your skin (or body hair, if you have any).  It is also relatively inexpensive and repairs everything.  One roll can last me 8 months and costs probably $4.

Back to the Relay… Mike kayaks first and is the third person in… can we maintain that pace?

I do the run in 21:40 and 3 people pass me.  Mike “roadkills” 4 people and we are in 2nd place with only my kayaking left (uh oh, bad news, I am terrible).  However, our run leads have gapped people enough that we do manage to finish in 4th place overall and also place in our age group.


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