Cerritos 5K – 2001

February 3, 2001

Drove a few miles up the 605 freeway to run the Cerritos 5K.  This somewhat disorganized race is run entirely within the confines of the Cerritos Mall.  I am still not entirely recovered from my cold, so I decide to take the race somewhat easy.

At Mile 1, my time is called out – 7:20.  That’s probably par for the course, but I decide that I should be running a bit slower, so I slow down.  Mile 2 – 13:30 (6:10 mile).  Hmm… I KNOW I slowed down!

Mile 3 – 19:00 (5:30).  Something is definitely weird here, because I have never run a single 5:30 mile, not even at a time trial on the track when I am fresh.  Also, I run the last tenth of a mile in 0:27 (which translates to 270 seconds or 4:30).

So… this probably wasn’t a 5K, probably not even 3 miles (though maybe the first mile was Long?).

At the results ceremony, however, they announce the Male 20-29 age group.  Third Place – 30 minutes.  Second Place – 26 minutes.  So… I had first place with 19:27, and I won my division by 7 minutes (probably more than 2 minutes per mile).


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