Great American Adventure 2.8M/4.8M – 2001

February 10, 2001

With the incredible rain, today’s event is truly a “Great American Adventure Run.”  I know there are people that do these Mud Runs, where a course is specifically set up to be muddy and water and mud added, but trust me, you have not truly lived until you have run a regular cross country course that has become muddy or run a trail race in the rain.

There is a second advantage to running races in the rain – no one likes to do it!  None of my friends could be persuaded to get up early and run these races.  Now while I don’t particularly love running in the rain (spots on my glasses, being wet, etc.), this is another free race.

In the 2.8 miler (the first race), I run a 21:52 (about 7:30 pace) and get an age group award.  Finishline doesn’t give out medals, but instead ceramic tiles with the race name, date and logo.  In the 4.8 miler, I do 39:38 (under 8:00 pace) and place again in my age group.  My times are comparable to how I have done in dry years.


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