Amnesty 5K/10K – 2001

June 16, 2001

I decided the best way to get in a long run by myself without getting too bored was to do a back-to-back, but run a medium distance tempo run to and from the race.  Essentially, it would be 4 runs in a row, 2 at medium pace, and 2 at race pace.

I parked my car behind Jack in the Box on PCH and Warner and then ran to the start at PCH and Newland (about 6.8 miles) in 54:30.

Next was the 10K (funny to say “Next,” because it was the first race), and I did 49:08 (around 8:00/mile pace).

Had a little rest and then did the 5K in 23:12 (7:28 pace).

None of my times were good enough to get a medal, so I jogged back to the car in 60:37 (8:57 pace).

But in doing so, I got in a 23 mile training run, with a couple of fartleks in the middle, with a time of 3:07.  How come I can’t run a marathon in 3:37?


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