Flo Jo Half Marathon – 2001

May 29, 2001

I ran a hash run out in La Canada the previous week and the hare took us through a patch of poison oak.  I have a rather bad history with poison oak; I first got it at Choir camp in 1982 and had a hard time getting rid of it.  With this particular batch, I had to make 4 appointments with my doctor before he finally prescribed corticosteroids (he tried a bunch of creams that didn’t work).

Along with running the PV Marathon last week (8 days being the closest now between half marathons), the itchiness on my legs doesn’t lend itself well to having a great result.  (Getting corticosteroids prescribed doesn’t take place for another couple weeks anyway, so legs are oozy and itching.)

Flo Jo Half Marathon, which I have now done 3 times, is an down-and-up hill affair.  I don’t have a particularly great downhill run, and then I don’t have a lot left for the uphill remainder.  I manage 1:52:15, which is about 8:30/mile.


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