Hillsea 7.64M – 2001

May 5, 2001

Another year, another Hillsea.  Course has been modified slightly, so everyone will run a PR this year.  The weather was hotter than usual, so I managed my expectations.

The funny part of this race is always people pretending that they listen to the directions and then feigning ignorance at the end when they go off course multiple times.  One year, a girl finished in the top 10, but later admitted that her best average mile in a 10K was 10 minutes/mile, but in this 8 mile race, she averaged 6:30s… I’m thinking a wrong turn for sure.

In today’s race, at least 3 people in my group (I’m still starting in the last group… for another 4 years) went the wrong way almost immediately.  While that group was almost certainly faster than me, those of us behind them could not determine where they were running, so COULD NOT race against them.  I would have liked to “file” a protest and dispute their win, I am secure in the fact that I ran the proper course.  Oh well.


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