Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon – 2001

April 22, 2001

A large contingent of AREC (and some hashers who occasionally run with AREC) came out for the Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon.  A far cry from 2 years ago when we fielded just one team.  This year we have 6 teams.

Last year, we basically called the teams by numbers or letters, but when we registered them this year, Todd Rose and I tried to come up with names that would strike little or zero fear into our opponents.  My team (the same group from last year – Tracey, Laura, Todd Byers and Chuck) were named the Mad Cows and we decided that our cheer for one another would be “Moo,” which could sound like “Boo,” but was kind of fun.

The other teams were the Monkey Butters, Banana Slugs, Tortoises, Sloths and DFLs (Dead Freakin’ Last).  All of the teams did quite well – all under 4:30 – and the Mad Cows at least improved our time from last year.


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