Minyard Buddy 5K/10K – 2001

May 12, 2001

I have gone through a tough couple of weeks.  Things have not been great at work – funding has not come through and people are testy.  On the weekend, I went to a social event, and felt obliged to be extra complimentary to my boss (even though she’s annoying me).  On Monday, I got laid off.  Argh.

Regardless, I had planned a visit to Texas to visit Riva, who is doing a medical residency in Internal Medicine there.  Running-wise, Riva has had an unbelievable couple of months, including nearly qualifying for Olympic Trials in the Marathon (while in her residency) and winning the Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon.  Part of my visit is including running the Minyard Buddy Run 5K and 10K.

Minyard is a grocery chain in Dallas, but more on a local scale (rather than one of the big 3).  The Buddy Run course is a loop course.  The 10K is 2 loops of the 5K course, but with an additional loop at the end of the 2nd loop.

However, in the 5K (which ran first), volunteers mistakenly routed Riva onto the 10K extra loop, but then corrected it for the gals behind her.  Unfortunately, the result was that Riva was leading the 5K, and ended up coming in 3rd.  The girl who won admitted that she never passed Riva, but they couldn’t change the result in the race.  I ran 23:15 for the 5K (and they sent me the correct direction).

In the second race, no mistakes were made, and Riva finished 2nd overall (I think they should have sent her on the 5K finishing loop to atone) and I ran 49:38.  I probably placed in the top 20% of the race, but not good enough to win an award.  However, the real award was all of the food that they provided for the runners – yogurt and apples and all sorts of nice food.  After most everyone got their fill, Riva went in for the kill and produced bags to collect as many yogurts as possible – I think she may have gotten 3 CASES of yogurt.

Postscript – In an effort to do the right thing, the race gave ALL entrants in the 10K a free entry to the following year’s race.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t back in Texas the following year to take advantage.


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