Run for Education 5K/10K – 2001

April 7, 2001

This is the second annual Ulis C. Williiams Run for Education (aka the Compton Races).  The entry form has all of the age group record holders, and sure enough, my friend Karine is listed after her 10K debut last year.

Conditions are absolutely miserable, because it is pouring rain.  In fact, the race doesn’t even start on time, because they have trouble coordinating in the rain (that’s Southern California for you).

In the first race, the weather isn’t too bad, because it’s the start of the rain.  I manage a 21:41, but am not sure that I will have a good result on the second race.

The rain really picks up in the second race.  Many of the people who planned on running race simply don’t show up, and a few people that I often see at Finishline events who run both races are cold and wet and leave without doing the second race.  I run a 47:55, which is not bad considering that the entire road through Compton Community College is 3″ deep with water and the track surface is waterlogged.

The icing on the cake is that I get second in my division in the 10K.  As I have mentioned in early posts, generally I will do better in the shorter race because fewer fast folks do the shorter races.  In this instance, I didn’t do that well in the first race (6th in my division), but because people took off due to the rain, the usual circumstance got flipped.


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