Tahoe Relays – 2001

June 10, 2001

In my continuing quest to complete a circuit around Lake Tahoe, I went up with my GVH buddies to run yet another iteration of the Robert DeCelle Memorial Tahoe Relays.

Keeping track, I have run Leg 3 (twice) and Leg 7 (last year).  This year, I get Leg 5.

Leg 5 begins in Tahoe City (which is the opposite side of the lake from South Lake Tahoe), runs by a bunch of ski resorts and then ends at Homewood Ski Resort.  I have particular bad memories of Homewood – skied there once – we went on a warmish day, and there wasn’t a lot of snow, and trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve skied on rocks.  Ack.

Fortunately, the run is on streets and there is no sign of snow anywhere.  Unfortunately, because it is pre-summer, there is a lot of pollen in the air, and I am NOT doing well with the elevation, even though this leg is probably the flattest of all of the legs.

I struggle through a 1:29 10.5 miles (9:20 pace) and probably cost my “C” team  a chance at a medal (we came in 4th).


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