Boeing 5K (1) – July 2001

July 9, 2001

For several months, Todd Byers submitted a race result to me called the “BNA 5K,” and it was explained to me that the Recreation center at Boeing Seal Beach puts on a free 5K once a month for employees and whoever shows up.  They time it, and often have other competitions, like “team” races between Long Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, or other divisions within the company.  Every other month, there is a Prediction Run (usually you don’t wear your watch and guess your time, but they wear their watches).

The course runs along the backside parking lot of Boeing (paralleling Westminster/2nd – the name change is in that vicinity), then turns perpendicular and then onto 2nd Street, continuing in the bike lane until the driveway for the San Gabriel River Bike Path.  Runners head south, with one small downhill-uphill under PCH and then another couple of tenths, a turnaround and then back to the start.

Afterwards, water, bananas and oranges are provided.

The first section of the race – to and down the street, south on the bike path to the turnaround, is generally into the wind.  I run around 6-minute miles in this section.  Once you turn around, the wind is at your back.  This gives a strange effect – first, you are pushed to a faster time by the wind; and second, the cooling breeze, now behind you, makes the air seem hot, actually slowing you down more than the benefit of the wind.  I ran 21:56, but predicted 22:05.


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