Fiesta 5000 – 2001

August 12, 2001

A group of us ventured down to San Clemente to try the Fiesta 5000.  It is funny going to races with Ed.  We get into town and get our numbers and nothing is really open, but there are a couple of hundred runners who might be spending money… so after the race, Ed mentions to one of the bars, ‘You could make a lot of money if you opened at 7am.”  The following year, ALL of the bars were open when we came down.

The course is mostly flat, with a little bit of downhill (what goes down must come up) on an out-and-back section.  Our whole group has success on the course (I do 21:48), but the best part is the Fiesta Street fair afterwards.

The part I found most impressive were a couple of cadres of military types running in boots and in formation.  I beat both of these groups, but they ran pretty good times considering.


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