Magic Mountain 5K – 2001

October 7, 2001

My 3rd time doing this race and still paying only $15 for it.  I am not totally recovered from my marathon so I don’t really have a good race – 24:10.

In the park, I run into Victor, who also ran the race (ran quite well, too), and along with his girlfriend, we join up to ride the rides.  There is a brand-new ride called Deja Vu and the line is probably 90 minutes long.  When I get up to the front, they stand me up against a measuring post and declare that I AM TOO TALL!  Apparently, there is a size limit of 6’2″.  This has never happened to me before.  Since I waited in line all that time (height limit, really?), they give me a pass to cut to the front of whatever line I want.

We go over to Goliath (which I have ridden before with no problem) and we present the pass… to cut the approximately 11 people in line. I am told that had I ridden Deja Vu that it probably would have ripped my legs off.  OK.


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