La Mirada LASAA 10K Mug Run – 2002

February 16, 2002

The La Mirada Mug run is actually the Norwalk Station run (nearby), but there is a great centralized park in La Mirada where it is easy to stage the race and put on a difficult course where you also don’t need too many street marshals.

The course starts out across the street from the high school, heading downhill, but immediately ramps back uphill and then turns right on Alicante and works its way over to La Mirada Blvd and Imperial Highway.  Both of these streets are at least 3 lanes wide, so for the most part, we have one lane and the sidewalk available.

There is a lot of uphill in this course and I had to walk nearly ALL of it.

When you reach the uppermost point of the course, then it swoops down through the neighborhood, with a few flat turns, and then finishes with a light uphill to the end.

My difficulty probably cost me a medal, but I did manage to stay under 8:00/mile, EVEN with 8-10 minutes of walking, with 48:41.


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