MCJ Mug Run 10K – 2001

December 15, 2001

Ed Villalobos convinced Laura and myself to try this Mug Run race series put on by the LA Sheriff’s Athletic Association.  He picked up a schedule at the Long Beach Courthouse from one of the bailiffs.

It doesn’t seem particularly organized, and there are not that many people there.  The run starts at the MCJ Facility (Men’s Central Jail) near downtown LA, curves up to Broadway in Chinatown, and then up and around Dodger Stadium – in other words, hilly to the extreme!  Course is also a bit short – because I KNOW I couldn’t have run 44:10 on such a hilly course.

Laura and Ed both end up placing in their respective age groups (Ed in the totally unfair 55+ (at least he’s only 59)) and the medals are nice Sheriff’s star-shaped with Blue, Red or White Ribbons (depending on place).  Something to strive for.


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