Paramount 10K – 2002

January 12, 2002

Back to the Paramount 10K for another try.  The race is sponsored by the city of Paramount as well as Rotary, but Finishline times it, which means I process the results after the race.  Along the regular RUNNING 10K, there is also the Racewalk (RW) competition.  Whether there are fast racewalkers or not is largely dependent on the RW calendar.  Last year, the winning race walker did 43:15 (walking!).  As comparison, Tim Hickok RAN 43:04 and barely beat him.

This year, however, there is some national/international event around the same time, so the world-class walkers are not present.

We do note one “celebrity”:  LA County Sheriff Lee Baca.  I saw him at the Sheriff’s Mug Run and Ed is acquainted with him as well.  He has on a tank top and he is one of those gents that should NOT wear a tank top because of the fur on his shoulders that looks unattractive in a tank top.

Aside from my aesthetic complaints, Lee Baca is an excellent runner – faster than I.  Unfortunately for Ed, he is 6 months younger than Ed, so they are stuck with each other until Baca is too busy, gets injured, or ages worse than Ed.  Ed will be 60 this year, and will have those few months without Lee Baca to deal with at the end of the year (or just avoid running races together).

As is the problem with Plantar Fasciitis, as soon as I get going, it flares up, but after 10 minutes it subsides, the scar tissue having been ripped off.  I am trying to manage the issue in the best way possible.  After my original diagnosis a few years ago, I took Advil whenever I had pain (almost every day for 6 months even if I wasn’t running).  Now, I try to manage the pain – if it gets to be too much, then I slow down.

So I felt cruddy (because of the PF) until 10 minutes had passed and the scar tissue ripped, and then I felt a lot better, and finished in a respectable 45:34 (19th in my age group, and slower than a nationally-ranked speedwalker).


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