Boeing 5K (3) – 2002

March 11, 2002

This is my first Boeing 5K a few days after a long race (the first ultra or any marathon).  For some reason, I didn’t get my butt in gear on time, and showed up after the race had started.

The timers said, Go ahead and get started, and we’ll just credit you for the time.  (Hmm… this is kinda like chip timing… I can run whatever kind of race I want, and I, and the other runners will have no clue where we stand with one another.)

Anyway, I wasn’t running; I was just walking fast.  As I was coming down the home stretch of 2nd Street, I heard sirens.  I jumped out of the gutter and into the dirt at the side, because I worried that speeding cars would quickly pull over to the side and hit me (to avoid the ambulance and fire trucks).

As I came across the finish line, I said, “My time is 38 minutes,” but I was sort of brushed aside.  What I didn’t realize is that one of the Boeing runners, as he came across the finish line, did a header into the cement and did not finish the race.

Ken Roselius, a Boeing run regular, had catastrophic heart failure, and his heart stopped just short of the finish line.  The ambulance came, but he died.  Really horrible.

Running isn’t dangerous, but sometimes bad health things happen to good people.


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