Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon – 2002

April 21, 2002

Since the Boeing Run, I traveled to New Orleans with my college buddy, Michelle.  We had planned to take this trip in November 2001, but there was trepidation for her with flying, due to the events of September 11th.  In fact, I tried to reschedule the flight, but they wouldn’t do it.  Finally, the agent said something offensive (maybe so I’d INSIST on talking to her supervisor) and then I got the flight changed for free.

I didn’t do a lot of running in New Orleans, certainly not a race, but at least, it was the time of year, when I could go for a run without sweating off 5 pounds just stepping outdoors.

This iteration of Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon was probably our finest.  We had the same number of teams as last year, but everything was more organized and everyone was really enthused.  Neva (who I also know from the hash) brought her “bomb” siren (hand-cranked and great!), and we had a “Geezers” team that got a medal in their division (which is always exciting).

Part of the fun was that we had some hashers/ARECers that formed teams, so the beer tent ended up being AREC teams and other assorted hash teams.  So, it was kind of like having a free pub filled only with our friends.

I had the same team (Mad Cows) as last year, with Laura, Chuck, Tracey, and Todd Byers.  I think we may have even run in the same order as last year (or at least, I KNOW that I still ran the last leg).  We even improved our time by 2 minutes!  (And we’re all a year older!)


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