Boeing 5K (8) – 2002

September 8, 2002

Since only a few days have passed since Bulldog, I am deep in my ‘no running for a week’ recovery… but I have a streak of 5 consecutive months of doing the Boeing 5K, so I am walking.

One of my AREC friends, Margaret, is also at the run.  She is not much of a runner, and I say that with all due respect, because she is a FANTASTIC walker!  During the recent year’s reboot of A Running Experience Club, we have encouraged people to bring friends that aren’t necessarily runners and there is a 3 mile walking course for them to do while everyone else runs.

Margaret is such a good walker that we sometimes have “complaints” from new walkers that she walks TOO FAST.  On the other hand, most of those complainants have also said that her fast walking has motivated them to walk faster… or in some cases, to get into running.

So, for today’s race, I have someone to walk with who is essentially my equal in the fast walking (not racewalking, but pretty dang fast).  The one downside to walking the Boeing race is that hardly anybody walks, so when the runners ZOOM by, they wave to you somewhat condescendingly, and they are gone by the time you finish.

Anyway, Margaret and I had a nice walk, tied for last, but still finished the 5K in 36:14 (and it was a PR for Margaret, too!).


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