Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders 15K – 2002

December 22, 2002

For my last race of the year, I am back in Piedmont visiting for Christmas and decide to do the LMJS 4th Sunday 15K around Lake Merritt.

In the weeks preceding this race, I have had a rather difficult recovery from the last 50K – mostly, it is due to my Plantar Fasciitis being back.  It usually flairs up when I run too much.  By the end of 2002, I will have over 1600 miles of running and racing, which is my highest total yearly mileage by 66 miles!

Running a 3-loop 15K is like running a back-to-back 10K and 5K, except that you don’t really get a break in between races, and also the law of diminishing runners applies here – there is a crowd on the first lap and then half of the runners stop.  There is hardly anyone on the second lap and then 2/3 of those remaining are finished, and then on the last lap, you only see people out for a walk, and have no idea how you are doing relative to the other competitors.

In finished in 75:13 (basically back-to-back-to-back 25:04 5Ks) and end up in the Bronze position.  Phew to pewter!


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