Norwalk LASAA Mug Run 10K – 2003

February 1, 2003

I decided to drive up to La Mirada and run the Norwalk Station Mug Run 10K.

I ran 47:19, had to walk most of the hills, and still got 3rd in my age division, but I want to talk about a couple of weird non-running things happened on this particular day.

First, when I was driving to the run and listening to KNX on the radio, they were talking about how the Space Shuttle Columbia had broken up upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere and that the debris was strewn all across Texas and the southern U.S.  When I arrived and registered, I tried to tell them about the tragedy.  No one believed me, and wondered why I would tell such a horrible story about our astronauts.  How could I come up with that?  It happened, I tell you.

Second, after the race was over, one of the competitors mentioned that she had mistakenly locked her keys in the car.  My thoughts were, ‘Well, you picked the right race to do that,’ but apparently, I was wrong.  Not one of the volunteers or even any of the competitors had a Slim Jim or a better idea on how to unlock the doors.  The runner had to call AAA.

Seriously?  First, you think I am lying about the space shuttle tragedy, and then you don’t know how to open a locked car?  You ARE Sheriffs, right?


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