Pico Rivera LASAA Mug Run 10K – 2003

January 18, 2003

Today is my Dad’s 69th birthday, so I decided to…  OK, enough of that.

I went back again to the Mug Run in Pico Rivera – the one that was 2-3 tenths short last year.  It’s short again this year.  I feel like that can be solved, by turning around later (it’s out and back) or starting/finishing further back in the parking lot.

This is my 3rd Mug Run of the season, so I get a Mug.  It’s sorta funny looking (I’ll try and post a picture later.), kinda like a glass 18 oz. drinking mug, but one that has been covered in metal (so I can’t use it in the Microwave)..  Weirdsville.

I ran a 44:51, which seems like a decent time, but it was a couple tenths short again… but good enough for 3rd in my division (last week, a similar time put me at 16th place in my division).  Afterwards, I take out my pen and paper and jot down the complete results, with the promise to post online on my website, along with their full schedule.  I’m hoping that attendance could surge a little bit at these events because of it.


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