AMSA 5K – 2003

April 5, 2003

I was up in Davis this weekend for the second annual “Dollies” (an award ceremony for the best film, book, etc. of the year, all picked by myself and my friends and presented in an irreverent manner).  The weekend had been picked last year to coincide with my first ultra, but this particular weekend suited everyone better this year, so I came up.

As my friends Erik and Jessica have stated for a while now, it’s a rare occasion that I come up JUST for fun… this WAS that exception, but I did happen to notice that the UC Davis School of Medicine Student Association was putting on a race and health fare on the Saturday morning of the event, so it wasn’t like I was taking away anything from the evening’s events… especially for a 5K.

I ran fairly evenly, around 7:00/mile and finished in 22:06, though I pinched a nerve in my neck on the 3 mile jog back to Jess and Erik’s place.

Before heading back to their place, however, I did go to the fair.  The one thing that I “enjoy” doing the most when I go to a health fair is getting my body fat measured.  I’m actually not being sarcastic about this.  For the most part, even people who are runners will have fairly high readings, because most of the people who get it checked out at a health fair, are probably not the healthiest people.  People in good shape maybe don’t care about the exact number.

They measured mine at 20%, but I noted that they took caliper measurements on my stomach, lower half of my back, and leg, then did an average.  If you’ve seen me, you realize that this could be a bit disproportionate, as my legs are 38″ from the floor to crotch!  There isn’t anything to pinch on my legs and there isn’t much elsewhere, except on my stomach and buttocks.

They told me I was 160 pounds of lean muscle and 40 pounds of fat, but I wondered, “How much of that is bones and organs?”


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