Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon – 2003

April 13, 2003

AREC is back to doing Jimmy Stewart again, this year with a record 7 teams!

A hallmark (of sorts) for me is that our team of “Mad Cows” has always been the same 5 people (Chuck, Laura, Todd Byers, and Tracey), but this year, Tracey was sick or injured and couldn’t run, so we recruited a friend from the Hash House Harriers  – Joel Rojas – aka Sin D Bare – to fill out our team.

Everyone ran exceptionally well and we finished in 3:10 and topped all teams.  Our Geezers team did manage to come in 3rd in their division again.  It’s always exciting to see friends win a medal at a LARGE event, which means they did above and beyond what normal groups would do.

This is such a fun day, because it gets a lot of people in to running an event that wouldn’t normally run.  But relays do that.  Everyone is excited, even if they don’t get to run for hours (which has been my case in running the anchor leg every year).


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