Tahoe Relays (Leg 6) – 2003

June 14, 2003

Part 5 in my continuing saga to run an entire loop around Lake Tahoe.  This year we end up on a Men’s Open team.  The rules are that a Women’s Open team is ALL women, a Co-Ed team has at least 4 women, and a Men’s Open team is 3 Women or less.

Leg 6 is probably the hardest of the 7 legs.  You start on the flat at Homewood and there is some gentle up and down through a sylvan area.  At Mile 8.5, the hill begins.  This is definitely the steepest grade on the entire route, with about 1000′ feet of climbing.

I thought I was running pretty well until I reached this hill and then basically had to fast walk most or all of the hill (might be those 4 races in 3 days last weekend catching up with me), but I at least managed 12-1/2 minute miles up the hill.

The worst part of this whole section is that when you finally reach the top, you don’t get to release that potential energy – you IMMEDIATELY hand off.  I finished my leg in 1:36:26.  We end up coming in 4th in our division (I have been on a bunch of 4th place teams in this event, but I am guessing it is due to a few ringers and not any personal failure on my part).

Two more legs to go – Leg 1 and Leg 4 (the longest leg).


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