La Mirada LASAA 10K Mug Run – 2004

January 24, 2004

I’m back out to La Mirada for the Norwalk Station LA Sheriff’s Mug Run 10K.  This is a race that I will repeat, because it is challenging, sparsely attended, and if I do three mug runs in a year, I get a large 20-oz. glass mug.

There were probably fewer than 30 runners in the entire race.  I soared out to a fast pace, and then realized that there was no one around me.  I felt pretty good.

Chuck was way far out in front.  In fact, he shot out ahead and I never really saw him.  His report was that he had his own black-and-white following him, telling him how far he had run, what his pace was, and handing him bottled water through the car window.  What other race could you have such service, especially in a 10K?

From what I gathered, Chuck and I held 1, 2 for over 5 miles, but at a certain point, I noticed that there was someone gaining on me a bit, and I was passed with less than a half mile to go.

Chuck finished in 39:02, winning the race by nearly 5 minutes.  I came in 3rd in 44:09, a little faster than my Paramount 10K time a few weeks earlier… and this was a very hilly, challenging course.


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