Lennox LASAA 10K Mug Run – 2004

February 7, 2004

Another 10K this week; this one is the Lennox Station run.  Lennox is not the best place to run, but there is a nice rectangular park in Manhattan Beach that is a little over 3 miles around.  The run starts within the park and then out to the street (to cover the extra 0.2 that the course is short).

Each lap is pretty flat and on concrete, except for a brief down-and-up undercrossing at around Mile 1 and Mile 4.1

I felt really good on the entire run and finished in 42:39, which, if accurate would be a 25 second PR.  Knowing the Sheriff’s run, though, it certain cannot be accurate… or can it?

After the run, I drive the circuit with my car and each loop is 3.05 miles, plus the out-and-back within the park.  I am satisfied that the course is around 6.2 miles.

It seems perplexing after all this time (5-1/2 years) that I suddenly run my PR in the 10K… but exciting!


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