Rotary Run 4 Health 5K/10K – 2004

March 6, 2004

Rotary paid Finishline to do the timing, so I am compiling the timing and also running this race for free.  I went out fast and then tried to accelerate… not because I thought I was going to run another PR, but because the fast gal running next to me was breathing loudly and heavily… and I was starting to do the same thing.  I tried to run away with her, but she came alongside of me, so I let her pass me.

I finished in 21:12 and got 2nd in my age division.

This gave me a good 9 minutes of recovery before the start of the next race.

Obviously, running at a very fast pace did not exactly help me get ready for the 10K, and I lost a lot of my speed in the second race.

I consider it a good back-to-back if I manage 7 minute miles for a 5K, then 8 minute miles for a 10K, and with a time of 47:03, I was within that range… and good enough for 3rd in my age division.


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