Palos Verdes Marathon – 2004

May 15, 2004

For the third year in a row, I am running the PV Marathon.  This is the first marathon that I have repeated 3 times.  There is only one other marathon that I have done more than once, and that is CIM (my 1st and 3rd race).

There is a nice crowd from AREC here to run either the full or the half (and Rich and Colleen who are running 20 miles, but entered in the half marathon).

The weather was nice at the start – about 60 degrees, but once the fog lifts, it gets hotter and hotter, and that usually ruins my pace.

I follow my strategy in years past of going out fairly hard, slowing down on the BIG hill and then getting into a rhythm on the rest of the course.  My first mile is 6:51, and then I settle into a 8:00 minute pace and hit on all of my miles through halfway – which I reach in 1:45… I’m on pace for a 3:30 marathon!  (That won’t last.)

On the return path, I really just fall apart and walk all of the hills (even the smallish ones) and then walk a bunch of the flats, and even part of the downhill, too.

When I come in at 4:07, I am irritable, tired and sore.

Later, someone asks me, “After running a 50K in March, a 50M in April, and a marathon in May, which was the hardest?”  (I know what you THINK the answer will be!)

“The marathon was the hardest, because it hurt the most, and was also the third race in three months.  The 50 miler was the hardest to recover from.  The best was probably the 50K, because it was first and had little paved path.”


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