Run Hit Wonder 10K – 2004

April 25, 2004

Got back two days ago from a 10-day cruise.  I did some running on the treadmill and we walked around quite extensively at the various ports.  Yesterday, I went to a hash and TRIED to run, but I am out of sorts after having such a long recovery (read:  non-street-running) period.

Today’s race is another one of the Nike training series.  I was a pacer for much of the season, but I missed a few weeks, due to the cruise.  The pacers, plus people that go to much of the runs get “VIP” treatment at the event.  The run is near downtown LA, and there are one-hit bands playing at every mile.

For the most part, I have never heard of the bands (probably why they are one-hit wonders) – Bananarama and Flock of Seagulls are the only ones I remember the names of.  One was the band that did “867-5309.”

My goal in this race is to not suck.  I know, weird goal.  But given that I have not run much in the past month, I just want to finish with a decent time.  Would love to be under 8 minute pace, but that may not be realistic.

One interesting (and new) thing about this race is that your bib is your shirt.  That is to say that each shirt is individual and the number is silkscreened or pressed or whatever, on the tech shirt… so there is no number to pin on, but it is only good for this race.  Kinda nice to have an individual shirt… unless you have dozens of tech shirts, and then, well, when would I wear this again?

I go out at a decent pace; I am trying to get around the hordes of people, but do not want to go out too fast, as I don’t feel normal yet.  I end up running “positive” splits, meaning that with each mile, I get slower and slower.  I sprint the last few tenths to finish under 50:00 (49:58) for one of my worst 10Ks in recent memory.

Afterwards, there is a Devo concert at the Coliseum.  I watched part of it, but I don’t really remember any of their songs, either.  This is largely due to the fact that I rarely listened to the radio as a kid (exception – 1985) and I performed with classical groups, and prefer classical music.  I left at about the time that one of the amps or singers caught on fire (literally).


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