ThomBob Kayak Run Relay – 2004

July 17, 2004

I am getting in a several year streak at this event.  This year, I am paired up with Todd Rose.  There had been an issue in the past with not allowing non-TRH members to participate, but in the interest of having enough teams (and/or making people happy), there are a number of non TRH participants.

I did better than normal on the Kayak leg, except that I got really bad blisters in my thumb/forefinger webbing.  Then Todd put in a fast 5K, followed by my own 5K.  The biggest laugh (and a special award) was when I came in from my 5K… and Todd was not there.  Well, he was THERE but not expecting me to come in yet (or forgot how much time a 5K is when you are not running).  Essentially, I had to stand there and wait for him to come back and get ready, so I could help him push the kayak into the water.

I think his award is the perpetual “Todd Rose Leave Your Teammate in the Lurch” Award.


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